The Strategy Summit

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The Strategy Summit is a 90-day online implementation experience for women who want a strategy to expand their business
-- and align your lifestyle.

A self-guided online experience offering easy to follow expert plans to give you back precious free time and decrease your stress without distractions.

Strategies on your terms for the . . .

business & life of your dreams.

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If you've been growing your service-based business for 4+ years, tired of business inefficiencies and lifestyle inconsistencies.

The 90-Day Strategy Summit is for YOU.

Designed for motivated adult learners who want to incorporate 1 strategy (or 6) but need expert guidance of what and how to implement.

Relax entering a calming space to focus on what's important to you.

In 15 minutes, Dr. Carrie Graham PhD an adult learning strategist will teach you how to implement each strategy.

Access expert step-by-step on-demand recommendations created for the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learner.

Strategy content is organized to prevent overwhelm.

Participate in weekly accountability time to support you putting strategies in place without judgment or shame.

Meet other business owners for no pressure (virtual) interactions.

Absolutely NO distracting social media groups or upgrade sales pitches.

Leave The 90-Day Strategy Summit :

knowing how to increase your revenue,
with new connections for collaboration,
and a heart full of peace and courage.

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“I walked away with an outline and plan for how to execute my program. Brought more ease. Confident about the work I’m going to put out in the world now.”


We gathered experts who advocate business growth as social justice, commit to empowering women to build successful businesses and create fulfilling lives.

Their practical strategies have generated over $1M revenue for clients transforming lives, providing balance, peace & joy. 



Marketing & Branding


Mind & Spirit

Health & Wellness

Meet the Presenters

headshot of maggie bergin  smiling
Maggie Bergin
Your First 3 *MUST DO* Branding Moves
headshot of dee bowden smiling
Dee Bowden
Collect the Cash for Business Owners
headshot of tina forsyth
Tina Forsyth
Taking Your Business to the Next Level with Certification & Licensing
headshot of leslie martinez
Leslie Martinez
The Key to Profitability (it's not what you think)
headshot of dr kimberly smith
Dr. Kimberly Smith
For the Health of It! Fitting Physical Activity Into Your Busy Lifestyle
headshot of nurse kim shell
Kim Shell, RN
The Importance of Sleep
headshot of anka urbahn
Anka Urbahn
Empowering Women: 3 Simple Strategies for Fitness and Lifestyle Success
headshot of essi monneus
Essi Monneus, MBA, PMP
Business Workflow Automation
headshot of nicole chamblin
Nicole Chamblin
Reconstruct Your Leadership Mindset
headshot of beverly butts
Beverly Butts
Financial Challenges Women Business Owners Will Face
headshot of alana benito smiling
Alana Benito RD MBA
Goal Setting for Life and Business
headshot of paula bohland smiling
Paula Bohland
Explode your business with an Abundance Mindset
headshot of linda murray bullard
Linda Murray Bullard
Timeline Certification Process
headshot of juliana kathman
Juliana Kathman
Less Clutter More Life: How to Create a Productive Environment™ so You Can Accomplish Your Work & Enjoy Your Life
headshot of kristi mitchell
Kristi Mitchell
3 Simple Steps to Create a Marketing Plan You'll Stick To
headshot of dr faith joyner
Dr. Faith Joyner
Shedding the Shadows of Shame
headshot of nikki bradley
Nikki Bradley
Magnetize Your Message: How to Develop Your Authentic Brand Messaging That Converts
headshot of celina guerrero
Celina Guerrero
LinkedIn Daily: The Simple Path to High-Value Leads That Become Clients
Lakisha Turner
Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

90-Days to implement one or all strategies

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Wherever you are in your business journey.

The 90-Day Strategy Summit is for YOU.

includes more than 12 presentations to choose from. Pick the strategies that match your goals. Whether you want to expand your business, or align your lifestyle, we’ve got what you need.

Maybe this isn't for you if you want:

Join today if you're ready to:

A quick fix to business processes
Understand your business processes
Done-for-you implementation
Set time aside to make improvements
To be left alone and not connect with other women
Be held accountable for what you started
Your business to look and function just like others
Distinguish your business as a leader
To keep grinding and maintain poor life habits
Create a life supported by your business
To live vicariously through social media
Create an abundant life full of what really matters

Strategies provide direction >>


Successfully efficient businesses and joyful lives need a plan to meet your individual needs. Time, money and distractions shouldn’t prevent you from reaching your goals.
The Strategy Summit, a carefully designed experience where you can pick the plans you want and get support without distractions. 

My mind wants you to learn and implement strategies to grow your business. My heart longs for you to have a healthy, rich life that brings you peace and joy. 

Don’t you think you deserve to have the life of your dreams?

Then The Strategy Summit is for YOU.

Enrollment Opens April 15-27

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