My Employee Experiences Became Your Business' Strategic Process.

" I used to be frustrated by expensive and poorly developed professional development trainings then I realized there is a better way to ensure:

- learners are engagement
- information is retained
- skills are applied

I want to help you do the same. "

My professional crossroads

that led to my current work.

Health Care Provider

Traveling to annual conferences every summer is expensive, uses vacation time, and stressful for introverts.

The workshops were great when I graduated but then as I became more experienced I got the trainings and workshops became less helpful in doing my job.

Year after year the my professional learning was diminishing.

State Employee

Working at a large state organization came with a lot of benefits for professional development.

I attended a mandated sexual harassment with 200+ employees, some were chatting, playing Candy Crush, and few were sleeping. At the same time the organization was in a public sexual harassment case.

The organization's expensive trainings had no impact on behavior.

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Profile name

CEO / Creative IT

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Profile name

CEO / Creative IT

These experiences led me to become an
adult learning consultant and learning strategist

I was taught the easiest way forward is to put one foot in front of the other. I realized creating effective learning relies on a strategic step-by-step process. That was it! I could give people that ‘don’t fit in the traditional box’ what they need to achieve their vision. 

My vision is to provide an effective and efficient strategic plan for learning and talent development professionals to achieve their outcomes, including KPIs. This includes ensuring their calm, confidence, and courage to do things different.

I figured out what it takes to achieve my vision of empowering others, enabling me to see unlimited possibilities, feel expansive, and embolden my voice.

I do this work

because I care about the people you train.

Along the way I found Ephesians 6:11-18 and it changed my life by encouraging me to "stand firm in truth", be peacefully ready to "take up the shield of faith", and "be alert and always keep on". This is the cornerstone of my consulting services. My truth is a caring heart. My faith tells me all things are possible. Perseverance is key.

I do this work to empower you and your company - at the heart of every recommendation I'm thinking about your end-user and those that they impact. Every employee has loved ones - they are also impacted by employee and client training.

We should talk if you also believe. . .

  • Everyone deserves time and space to explore, reflect and learn. 
  • Calm conversations provide opportunities for deep analysis. 
  • Clarity + Confidence + Courage = A meaningful and fulfilling learning journey.

I want you to have a process that empowers you to achieve your vision with ease.

Casual Conversations

Still Teaching in Business

(listen and learn)

Branding My Business

(listen and laugh)

Reviewing Life's Lessons

(listen for inspiration)

Telling My Story is Great Therapy

(listen and breath)

My Ideas Are Finally Protected

(listen with legal)

Money Management is Literacy

(listen then invest)

I Finally Understand The Value I Offer

(listen and assess)

Professional Peers Help Us Learn to Manage Stress

(listen and laugh)

My Perspective on Achieving Success

(listen and reflect)
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Conversation Starters

What does 360 planning mean to you?

(but better)

Supported employees = productive employees

Gilligan's Island didn't seem that bad

Strategic planning provides opportunities

Can you turn theoretical research into practice?

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