Achieve Learning Outcomes Consistently.

  • Auditing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Implementing for Adult Learning
  • Training-the-Trainer
  • Evaluating Results
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Businesses best served

have extensive content to share with their employees or clients

The content is your own intellectual property (IP)

You are facilitating proprietary content for your organization

Your trainings are mandated by governing bodies

Organize your content so it supports immediate adult engagement and learning.

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create a clear process for meaningful learning experiences.

Step 1: Identify Training Gaps & Opportunities

  • Get an audit that examines learning & development processes
  • Inspect for regulation training compliance
  • Report corrective actions and areas of good practice
  • Try it on your own with the Adult Learning Checklist

Step 2: Understand Your Next Steps

  • Discuss your audit report to identify strategic next steps
  • Establish a comprehensive plan for program or training refinement
  • Use adult learning theory to establish appropriate foundation
  • Connect planning to learning outcomes and business values

Step 3: Implement for Adult Learning

  • Confidently fill gaps, refine strengths, and explore opportunities
  • Integrate organization values
  • Establish strategies to improve learner engagement, retention, and skills application

Step 4: Improve Trainer Effectiveness

  • Identify appropriate adult learning best practices
  • Incorporate facilitation skills development with individual strengths
  • Present innovative ways to meet learner needs

Step 5: Understand Evaluation Methods

  • Create comprehensive assessments to measure outcomes
  • Learn how to analyze assessment data
  • Share assessment data findings in a way others can understand

Improve your employee or client learning engagement, strategically build content for information retention, and reinforce skills application.

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planning to build your content as you go
existing content or a published book
only looking for ways to improve your training skills
10+ years of subject matter insights and experience
currently building your training or group coaching program
an existing training program that needs a refresh or total change
basing your learning objectives on what learners tell you
clear objectives for what you want learners to do after the training
working with a group who have a wide range of goals
a clear understanding of your audience and their goals
looking for a platform where learners can access your information
an existing platform learners can access your information

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