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Past Clients

During my audit, Dr Graham helped me work on techniques I can model that will meet clients where they are while communicating [and demonstrating] best practices and norms that will aid them in building and managing teams -- program facilitation 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Raghna Lewis

RJ Lewis Digital

Dr. Carrie Graham helped me (audit) design and execute my first online course for adult learners. With Carrie’s specific insights, I made small but powerful adjustments to how I organized content and how I presented it. She cares deeply about you succeeding-whatever that means to you-and gives you 110% of her attention and thoughtful counsel throughout the process. I cannot recommend Dr. Graham highly enough.

Maggie Bergin

Be Understood Branding

The greatest tool in Dr. Carrie Graham’s toolbox is her personal approach to each client. She tailors the experience for each individual, not only to match their situation but their personality. Like an seasoned blacksmith, she leaves you with a perfectly fitting armor to help you overcome any future battle. 

Dr. Ailton Coleman

Men's Health Researcher

What helped me most from our time together (time w/ Carrie) was learning that my clients come to me motivated and my job is to keep them motivated.

Germaine Foley

Certified Financial Educator

You know when you've been working on something alone for so long... You're so close to the material. And you've got SO MUCH much material. And all those extra notes. And reference books with folded pages. Carrie helped me focus and find the red thread between my key teaching points and the 'homework' part of my course (something I was spinning around for awhile).Carrie understands adult learners and brings practicality, professionalism and care.

Sarah Lang

Sarah Lang Coaching

I got SO much out of our sessions together Carrie Graham! I am passionate about creating high quality courses that truly serve people, so to get support and guidance from someone with a PHD in adult learning has been such a gift!

Chameli Ardagh

Group Facilitator

It was amazing! I started implementing the strategies straight away. This was an incredible shift. Thank you so much💕  This is a fabulous offer. So freaking happy I did this with you. It’s changed everything from how I deliver content and getting so much more engagement! 💕

Cynthia Zenti

Integrated Selling

I got so much out of our hour together Carrie Graham! You gave me actionable steps to take to make my program better and increase engagement during group calls. Thank you! 🌟

Amanda Wright

The Wright Company

With Carrie's extensive experience in education, I knew there were so many things I didn't even know that she could teach me. I was right. She was SUPER helpful and gave me the confidence and support to design my own course development process that I can use now and in the future. I feel so much clarity and so much less stress around my course content. She is brilliant and a must hire for any new course creator!

picture of terumi okano

Terumi Okano

Boston Tech Creative

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